Rock City road is a full service recording studio, capable of producing podcasts, or Voiceover work, up to a full 8 piece band. Our 18×40 live room with 20 simultaneous live tracking channels is our centerpiece. We’ve designed it to be a truly, comfortable, casual open live room where a band can track live or work more contemporary if desired. Add in the high end microphones and preamps on hand, and imagine all that it placed in a beautiful country setting, on 10 parklike acres in the taconic range, and you will see why Rock City Road will become a true sanctuary destination for recording artists from all over the northeast and beyond.

Our Owner

Owner David Rinaldi’s vision stemmed from necessity, as he opened his home to engineering and recording many of the musicians that he had made close friends over the years of playing and recording music. However it was all done in the living room of his log cabin. While the results were great, and the logs proved to provide an acoustically desirable outcome, it became time to build a true live room separate from the family living quarters for obvious reasons.

Our Sound

The live room is intentionally reverberant and not sterile. It’s been designed with the comfort of the artist/musician in mind, from headphone mixes to lighting, to heating and cooling systems. While it is visually pleasing, it sounds very big and wet, yet in control. There are 2 isolation booths, 1 treated extensively for vocals and spoken word, as well as a 12×18 control room. Rock City Road has overnight accommodations available as a small green room/lounge can be converted into a studio apartment which can sleep up to 3. There are other other options available by request.